Handy Dan
When an ordinary handyman won't do
Who do you call when the gutters need cleaning, a light fixture needs changing, a door needs to be unstuck?
Well wonder no more!
I specialize in the small jobs, from building decks to installing computer networks.
Even if you just need advice or a helping hand on your own project.
So call me to do the work, put on comfortable clothes, relax on the patio and think about all the work you don't have to do.
While you are relaxing I could be:

Building a deck
Adding trim         
Replacing a door
Replacing a window  
Building shelves
Replacing rotting wood  
Adding outlets
Installing outdoor lighting 
Maintaining rental properties

Almost anything you can imagine.

Of course you don't have to sit on the patio. You could play with the kids, read a book, do anything you want to do.

I will change my schedule to match yours. Nights and weekends are no problem. I will even travel to repair vacation homes!
I am fully insured and all work is gauranteed to satisfy
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